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    IE and Qv plugin

      Hi everyone,

      I'm experimenting problems between my local QlikView app (Version 9) and the same app but in the IE running on a QlikWeb Server 6.

      Some of the object are not showing in the same way as in QlikView local. Bisede the color problem (right now is not a problem), some controls are having extrange behavior. Example: The Calendar control show the month ok, but the year wrong. Instead 2009 it's show -5877488. Other case is about the Gauge control. in the IE version the control is showed but the arrow not.

      I took some of the Qlik examples such as Finance Controlling, which has a Gauge control, and this control is showed perfect.

      Any idea should be appreciated.


        • IE and Qv plugin

          Hi Diego

          Have you tried to upgrade your server to a newer version? I have faced similar issues when I used QV server to host QVW apps created in newer versions; for that reason I try (when possible) to host Qiikview applications in the same version or at least the version -2 of the one used to create the Qlikview application, in your case, QV server 7.

          Hope this helps you.


            • IE and Qv plugin

              Hi Paul and thanks for your reply.

              Yes, I've tried and it's works. But something that I can't understand is why some applications rans ok and some other no. Something is differents and after review and compare the code for both I can't figurate out what is it.

              Now, I upgrade to version 8.5 and my app is running very good and it was deliver to our customer, so our problem is fixed, but, you know we will remains with the doubt!!! Sad