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    Performance and User Experience

    Kusumajaya Na

      I have created a qvw with over 10 sheets (5 sheets are common among 20 users and 5 sheets are specific for each user) that will be accessed by 20 users (each user has his/her own document license).  I would like to know which option is better when deploying into production server:


      Option 1: Have 1 qvw document with Section Access so that when a user login, first 5 sheets has common data across users and last 5 sheets are strictly loaded according to department that I set in the Section Access.


      Option 2: Create 20 qvw document that already filtered by each user's department so that each user only can access 1 document specifically created for him/her.


      The data will be reloaded every night.


      Which of the 2 options above have better server performance and user experience.


      Thank you in advance.