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    ODBC calls to 32 bit drivers with a 64 bit application ?


      A customer has bought a new 64 bits machine with Windows server 2003 (also 64 bits). He bought QV, Server & publisher 8.5, also in 64 bits version. The problem now is, that the use of 32 bit ODBC drivers is not so evident. We could downgrade to 32 bits applications, but thats still not in mind.

      Placing an execution service from the publisher on a separate 32 bit machine could also be a solution, but he wants to have all 'server executed'.

      Is there any way to redirect the ODBC connector in Qlikview 64 bits & server 64 bits to the 32 bits ODBC environment located in Windows\sysWOW64 directory?

      Knowing that most ODBC drivers are written for 32 bit machines and only a few from Microsoft exists in 64 versions. As an example, I need to use the LotusNotesSQL drivers, ony available in 32 bit version.

      Has anyone resolved this problem and how? Many thanks for your suggestions.