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    QV9 and DynamicUpdate on server

    David Vasseur


      I'm trying to use the new DynamicUpdate in QV9. Everything is working fine when I test it with the CallCenter demo in QlikView Client but if I try to use the same QVW on the server and open it with the plugin on the client side, data are not updated.

      I've read the following thread and activated all the needed options:


      my server has the DYNAMIC_UPDATE license and both server and client are on version 9 SR2

      One strange thing is when I open the Excel file on the server and click 'Insert data', the QlikView client is started on the server and data are updated in this client but not on the qvw shared by the server (and it may explain why I don't see any update on my client workstation). Should I update the macro in Excel ?