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    Active Directory different domain user connection issue

    Swapnil Kumbhar

      Hi all,


      I want to access the users which are on different domains through Active Directory setting in QEMC. Currently i can successfully access the users of Local domain but facing problem while accessing external domain users.


      For Example:

      I am using following LDAP string to connect to different domain Active Directory:

      1. LDAP://ServerIP/DC=domain1,DC=xyz,DC=local

      2. LDAP://ServerIP/DC=domain2,DC=xyz,DC=local

      3. LDAP://ServerIP/DC=domain3,DC=xyz,DC=local

      and so on

      To connect to all domain Active Directory i am having common username of Domain1 only. i.e. Domain1\Username

      I have confirmed with IT team about common username & they are saying this user has Read access to all other Domain AD.

      By using this LDAP String i am able to connect Domain1 users but when i try to search other domain users then it gives following error message in QEMC.

      AD Search Error.png


      I have checked the logs & it gives following error in Log file for above error message:


      ErrorException checking names in provider Domain3(name: Active Directory, type: AD): A referral was returned from the server.

      Not able to find the exact reason behind this & why it is not connecting to other Domain users.

      Kindly help me to resolve the issue. Your help is much appreciated.