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    can a text box in Qlik Sense be given conditional font colour settings?

    Gus Feltham

      I have been using the fx feature of adding a measure to a text box which is great, but I also want to color code these outputs for red as negative, green as positive numbers.  Is this poss to control with the code?

      An example of one of my measures is below:

      (sum({<BudVsAct={"Budget"} ,ExpVsRev={"Expense"},  [Cost Centre]={23} >}[Period Balance])

      -sum({<BudVsAct={"Actual"} ,ExpVsRev={"Expense"},  [Cost Centre]={23} >}[Period Balance]))/1000


      And a get a text box with a combination of text and functions as per attached file, but I don't want to have to manually change the color to either red or green each month?