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    Any Custom sheets added by the user on access point are not visible.

    Mahesh Tendulkar


      There are 2 scenarios where we need help :




      Scenario I : Let’s say if the user adds any new Custom Sheets on the access point, the sheets are visible for some time and disappearing all of sudden.


      When checked in the QMC under  User Documents  we  can see the sheets and objects created by users on access point.


      However, if checked after some time say 30-40 minutes, the same user (who created the Custom Sheets) is able to see them now.


      And also sometimes we are facing same issue while reconnecting to the server and after task reloaded.




      Scenario II : Let’s say if a user i.e. User1 adds any new Custom Sheets on the access point & also shares the object with another user i.e. User2, the User 2 is not able to view the Custom Sheets added by the User1.




      Are there any additional settings on the server to be able to see the sheets created on the access point?


      Or anything else that we are missing?