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    Can we import script file into Qliksense?

    Swarup Malli

      Is anyone aware of the feature that allows them to import script file into Qliksense  like  its done in Qlikview.

      Currently I have to copy the script and paste it in the script editor of Qliksense

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          Gabor Tarnoczai

          Hi Swarup_Malli,


          You can use the include statement.


          from Script Syntax and Chart Functions Guide:

          Include The include variable specifies a file that contains text that should be included in the script. The entire script can thus be put in a file. This is a user-defined variable. This variable supports only folder data connections in standard mode.



          $(Include =filename)






          If you don't specify a path, the filename will be relative to the Qlik Sense app working directory. You can also specify an absolute file path, or a path to a lib:// folder connection


          The construction set Include =filename is not applicable.






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            Swarup Malli

            Thank you ! for the response


            I'm aware of that,I use Include statement very often (But even Include statement has to be manually typed in Qliksense  unlike in Qlikview)


            I meant somthing like this:


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              Christoph Schlunegger

              Hi Swarup_Malli


              If you think about a general Menu function to import scripts, then I haven't seen it in Qlik Sense either.

              If you think about generally including scripts, then your syntax may look as follows - the " Lib.//000_Include " is a Qlik Sense Data Connector linked to the folder ...\000_Include where the scripts are stored as *.qvs files.


              .. and yes, must-include works with Qlik Sense as well.. :-)






              // *********************  Main data Formats *****************************************************************************************

              // Laden der zentral verwalteten Datenformate

              // Load central repository of data formatting



              // Laden der zentral verwalteten Dateneingaben fuer Prompts in den SQL-Statements

              // Load central repository of data-filters in prompts for sql statements



              // Laden der zentral verwalteten Definitionen für Corporate identity

              // Load central definitions of Corporate Identity such as color theme, etc.