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    fromdate and to date

    naveen kumar

      Hello All,

      my requirement is that i need to pick the data between fromdate and todate fields which has to be created on me own ,i mean to say that client provide me only a created date field, by using that field i should create a fromdate and todate

      for example my data is like this let assume because i cant give real data as example

      createddate   no.of lots    accepted  rejected

        01/01/2015      10                  9            1         

         01/02/2015      20                 19            1

      01/30/2015          30                  28           2

      02/15/2015           10                   8            2

      02/20/2015            5                    3             2   


      So my requirement is i need to create a from date and a to date field,so if end user select

      fromdate :01/01/2015 from drop down

      to date:   01/30/2015 from drop down

      then result should be like this: 

      NO OF LOTS:60

      my assumption for this requirement is to create two varibles

      set vfromdate=min(createddate);

      set vtodate=max(createddate);


      and my doubt is do i need to use any triggers kind of thing ....please any overview  navigation that will be appreciated  and please dont route me to that date picker youtube video ............