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    Document/Object level Section Access

    Yuvraj Killedar

      Hi all,


      Need your valuable suggestions.


      I am having a requirement where data level security is to be implemented at plant level.

      At the same time, the user at individual plant level must be able to see the contribution of other plants as well that I am showing in a pie chart.


      So, when I implement section access at plant level, all the data gets filtered for specific plant.


      How can I implement section access that would restrict data for individual plant, at the same time it should also interpret contribution of all plants in a pie chart.


      Comments awaited.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Sathish G

          Hi Yuvraj,


          The concept of section access itself, to restrict a data.


          you have applied a section access to plant level and you want show the data of other plants? then why you have applied a section access?



          For handling the your situation, you have to create a one more table which contains other plants sales and map to the section access table.



          Plant sales

          A 1

          B 2

          C 3


          IF YOU APPLIED A section access to Plant, then user A will see only Plant A data only which user a has applied in the section access table.


          Now create one more table in the data modelling like,

          Plant otherPlant Sales

          A B 2

          A C 3

          A A 1


          and pass otherplant in your chart.



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            Mohsin Choudhary

            Dear Yuvraj,


            To See Plant level values for all plant you can create Group wherein each plant will belong to all other plant available in your data through this each plant will be able to see other plants data while loading.


            P.S This will remove the data reduction as mentioned earlier as each plant will get access to other plant data.


            Hope this solve the issue.




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              Yuvraj Killedar

              Thanks Mohsin, Satish for your suggestions.


              Hope this resolves my query.