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    Section Access qvd field not found

    Carolin Borchert



      I´m trying to load from a qvd to apply for a section access:


      SECTION Access;




        Upper(UserFullName) as UserFullName,

        upper(SoldToBusinessPartner.ExternalSalesRepName) as SoldToBusinessPartner.ExternalSalesRepName,

        upper(AreaSalesManagerName) as AreaSalesManagerName,

        upper(GeneralManagerName) as GeneralManagerName,

        upper(GlobalRegion) as GlobalRegion,

        upper(SheetFlagTest) as SheetFlagTest

      FROM  $(vQVDPath)\SecurityFile.qvd (qvd)

      where 1=1;

      Section Application;


      If I do this then it tells me that my first field is not found in the qvd although it is there and exists. What do I do wrong?


      Many thanks in advance!