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    Accumulate amount by month per day

      Hello Community,

      First time here...

      Please be so kind as to point me in the right direction with regards to the following:

      We have just installed Qlik Sense on our servers. (going for 2nd week)


      I am trying to display a chart in Qlik Sense so that it displays the same or similar way that it is currently displaying on my excel spreadsheet below:  (Accumulated amount per month per day)




      I have tried the below suggestions found on several forums, but none of these worked.


      // rangesum( above( sum(AmtCollected),0,RowNo()))

      // rangesum( above( sum(AmtCollected),0,RowNo()))

      // sum( aggr( rangesum( above( sum(AmtCollected),0,12) ),Month))

      // RangeSum(Above(Total sum(AmtCollected),0,RowNo()))

      // sum(AmtCollected)


      The fields that I am currently using are as follow:


      Any idea on what I am doing wrong?


      My result does not accumulate the values per day.  If I remove a dimension day, i.e to display per month, it does accumulate per month.



      My result per day:



      Thank you in advance,