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    GIT Source Control




      We have three environments - development, test and production. In practice, we do all of the development and testing in the development environment. Final dashboard set up is performed in Test for UAT Testing. In production environment,we have multiple dashboards for different businesses. Each dashboard has three folders namely Extract Transform and Load, which again has multiple qvws in each folder.


      Now, we have been told to do the version controlling using GIT. I haven't done the version controlling in QlikView before.


      Can anyone please help with the following things:


      1. How many repositories should be created? We have no limit on the number of repositories that we can create but we want to create correct number of repositories to match the different "products" that we release.


      2. What folder structure to be followed for the above architecture in GIT? Is there any structure which is already proven and maintained without any issue.


      3. Is there any best practice to be followed while doing this?


      Thanks in advance.