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    How to Create a Master Calendar with 3 Fact Tables

    John Jackson

      I have 3 tables that has records added monthly. I am trying to set up master calendar

      to pick up values month wise. The sample has data for Dec and Jan only.


      Order: The Req is that, for ProductA for Dec 2015, it sud plug Value X and Value Y for Jan 2016

      Group: The Req is that for ProductA, for Dec 2015, it sud plug Attribute 10 for A and attribute 40 for Jan 2016


      in Expn 1, I am counting Product leased when Value is "X" for dec 2015 or Jan 2016.

      The Value of X is assigned in Order Table. So when I select Dec 2015, Expn 1 for XYZ

      sud be  3, but it shows 5 at all times which is incorrect. 3, because A has "X" in 2015

      from Order table and A was sold 3 times in 2015, shown by Sales table

      How do I configure this with a master calendar.


      For Expn 2,the total for year 2015 sud be 50 but its showing 210 and does not respond to the year filter.

      50 bcoz under Group XYZ, Product A was sold 3 times (10 * 3) and B was sold once (20 *1)


      pls see the excel file and qvw attached. !