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    Clustered and stacked bar chart in Qlik Sense

    Jérémy Bonde

      Hello there,

      I would like to know if someone could tell me by which way I can make a clustered and stacked bar chart as it has been done  in this post : Clustered-Stacked Column and Bar Charts in QlikView (but ... for Qlik Sense )


      I have to export an excel file with this kind of graph into a qlik sense application and I must keep this structure which looks like this :


      So there is 2 dimensions (the type and the date), 4 stackable measures (even if I only display 3 in my example) with values in the bar portions for each measure (which could be displayed by tool tips) and the Sum on the Y axis.


      I hope I'm clear enough for you to help me ! I tried some extensions (3D visualisation library and dygraph) but without success


      Thank you !


      [EDIT] Ideally I need to set 3 dimensions (the type (A, B or C in my example), the month and the year.


      I find a way to do it but it's not sexy and without added value to the Excel file.  I've set in the dimension a concatenation of the year, the month et and type ( =Date(mydate, 'YYYY-MM') & ' ' & Type ) then I've sorted by alphabetic.... It's not really grouped and it's a bit ugly