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    Publisher: can't publish by email to a group



      I have a problem:
      - I would like to send a qvw by mail with the publisher by using a "custom group" on a custom directory ; to send a file to all of the users of the group.

      My problem is that if I put a group on my task, the publisher says:
      (2010-04-19 17:01:31) Warning: Can't find a suitable Email adress for recipient. MailAdress(es)=, Recipient=, ID=Custom\groupe1
      (2010-04-19 17:01:31) Warning: Distribution reported warnings for resource "RO - Task 1 - Envoie à presque tout le monde sans réduction._MailAttachment_1" (MailAttachmentDistributionResource). Warnings=1
      (2010-04-19 17:01:31) Warning: Distribution to resources reported warnings. Warnings=2

      Do you know what can be my problem? why the publisher can't send a file to all of the users of a group?

      Thanks for your help.