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    Distribution of Excel Files via QlikView Server



      i want to distribute Excel files via the QlikView Server.
      I already created a process, for sending out PDF-Reports (it's a feature of QlikView), so i want to know, if someone created a process, where a specific QlikView table can sent via the QlikView server as an Excel file to an Email recipient.

      So, my idea is the following.
      I create a userlist in Excel which contains the Email adress of the recipient of the Excel file, the QlikView document name and the tables, who I want to distribute (i.e. CH12 - name of the table). See the following picture, that you can better imagine how it will look like. The 1 in the tables, shows, weather the person get this excel file or not. "1 = yes", "NULL = no"

      error loading image

      Now the QlikView server start a Visual Basic Script via Command Line (what command line could i use to start such a script)? The VB Script should read the excel table - first it reads which QlikView file cointains the Table, which has to be distribute, after that it checks with the value 1, which recipient should get the Excel File, the fields with the value NULL will be skipped

      After that it should copy the tables from the QlikView document in an excel file, save the file in a temp folder and distributing them via Mail to the recipient, who should get the table.

      I know this isn't really easy, but i would really appreciate some advice in this case.

      This is only a prototype of how it should work - I don't know weather it's achivable or not.

      Thanks in advance.