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    How to get the all the parts of a step?



      the frist problem was this one:

      Formular sorting one number


      Now there is a new problem which i can't solve:



      I got the Stepnumbers and want to see the piceses/parts for on e step in one chart.


      At the end there should be a dynamik page with about 10 barcharts and the first one shows the number of parts in stepnumber one, the second in the second stepnumber.


      The Funktion i used for getting the names of the charts dynamic is: =Subfield(Concat(DISTINCT(Stepnumber),','),',',1)


      But i can't find a way that the frist chart only shows the number of parts from the frist step.


      The frist step can be 10 or 20 or what the user was selecting.


      Here are two tables from the database: