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    QlikView Real Time Update

    Julian Villafuerte Arteaga



      I'd like to know how to use the Real Time Update functionality. According to other posts it should be working now. I've done this:

      1. Used a license with the DYNAMIC_UPDATE;YES;; tag.

      2. QlikView > Settings > Document Properties > Server > Enable Dynamic Data Update = CHECKED

      3. QlikView > Settings > Document Properties > Server > Enable Push from Server = CHECKED

      4. Make sure that the following key is present in registry:

      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\QlikTech\QlikViewServer\Settings 7


      Value: 1


      I hope you can help me!

        • QlikView Real Time Update
          Michael Robertshaw

          The sample RealTimeUpdate supplied with the product performs a local filesystem connection to the QlikView document. You can easily modify this to connect via QvS:

          Assuming you have mounted "C:\Program Files\QlikView\Examples\Documents" on QvS as "Examples" and can open http://localhost/qvplugin/opendoc.htm?document=Examples/Call%20Center.qvw then modify this line in the macros in "C:\Program Files\QlikView\Examples\Database\RealTimeUpdate.xls"

          Set m_QvDoc = m_QvApp.OpenDoc("qvp://localhost/Examples/Call Center.qvw", "user@domain.com", "password", "")

          Check that the Document Properties (Server tab) also specify an appropriate Client-Refresh mode otherwise updates may not be displayed as they occur.

          When you have this working, and have realised that you'll need to develop a Custom Windows Application to push data into QvS using the OLE interface to QlikView, and probably require Message Oriented Middleware to facilitate data delivery to that Windows Application, then maybe you'll simply choose to use core functionality such as an incremental reload once every 2 minutes using Publisher. It's simpler, has less impact on QvS memory utilisation, cheaper, and more reliable (as data is stored in the QvS which Realtime Update does not).

          We would be very interested to know the Business Case that you think justifies Real Time updates. Most requirements are fulfilled with Near-Enough to Real Time, as how often are people going to actually ACT or DECIDE on what they might see in a QlikView document?

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              I couldn't get it working on QV9 SR3. Upgraded to SR4 and it works fine.

              I have created a Windows app to try the functionality and it works fine. Although never open the app in Ajax because then it fails.


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                Bhushan Nirgude

                Hi MRW ,

                Thanks for your explaination .

                Let me explain Case Study to you which is requirement of my client.

                We are loyalty marktg. consultants & currrently providing analytical solutions to clients.

                One of retail client requires to pop-up customer who purchased above 25000 INR in a single billing . They need this to call him within 2 Hrs of his purchase & make him feel special .

                Similarly ,also want to confirm existing customers who redeemed more than 5000 Pts in a single billing within 2hrs.

                We are working on how to achieve this , but don't hv much answers for that .


                Bhushan N



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                    Michael Robertshaw

                    I doubt that Real Time Update is what you really need. In a Web Deployment, the RealTime capability on the QlikView Server will cost extra, and in a Desktop deployment of QlikView the end-user could initiate the Reload themselves.

                    It seems to me that you could schedule the Reload for once every 10-15 minutes, depending on how long it takes to Reload the Document. You might use an Incremental Load method for reading the transactions that occurred since the previous reload. That would usually reduce the time taken to reload the document.

                    Add some Alerts into the QlikView Document that send an email to a CSR when a transaction above 25000 INR occurs.


                    It doesn't look like a RealTime application to me. Near Realtime (every few minutes) would be more than sufficient.

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                  Nikhil Garg


                  I want to use real time data functionality in my application. I tel you wat i am doing :


                  I am loading data of my linkedin account to my qlikview desktop application with help of QVSOurce(Linkedin Connector).

                  Now , i authenticate my account on QVsource and fetch the data from Linkedin to QLikview.

                  Now i want if i goto website linkedin and open my account and add a new person then this new person should come automatically in my qlikview linkedin application data on manual reload .

                  How can i acheive this ,

                  Please tell.