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    Shared objects usage

      Hi everybody,


      I would like to know if anybody has a way of seeing which shared objects are being used currently in a deployment. I've used Power tools to learn about a shared object's creator, but haven't found a way to know the usage of the object (if it's being used right now or if it was used an hour ago, and by whom).


      Thanks for your help!

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          Ashfaq Mohammed



          May be you need to look at logs placed in below folders



          Audit or event log.





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              Paul Routledge

              Audit logs would be the way to go to see 'object usage'


              You would need to use QMC - System - Setup - yourQVServer

              to set the logging level to :


              • Enable Audit Logging = True
              • Enable Extensive Audit Logging = True


              The it depends on what you mean by 'can we see which objects are being USED'


              We have found that usages like these are logged :

              • opening a document
              • navigating to a sheet
              • select in a list box (or an other select on field)
              • search


              But the following are NOT logged :

              • select chart within container
              • expand dimension in pivot table
              • create server object


              try the full auditing log and see if it meets your needs.


              Shared objects usage

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                  thanks for your answers, I'll try them as soon as I can on the deployment.


                  What we're trying to see is the same audit information that is logged from the object usage (selections, searches, etc.) but on personalized objects that the user creates through the AJAX zero footprint client in "self-service".


                  I'll let you guys know how it goes.