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    How do I solve error in the hidden script? No Tasks incremental logs found

    Vegar Lie Arntsen

      When running governance dashboard 2.0.1 I get an "Error in hidden script". How do I troubleshoot and solve it?

      GD2_error in hidden script.PNG


      When looking at the QVGD_TRACE_2.0.1.txt file I read the following.



      12016-03-15 11:11:39File path 0 set to D:\QlikView\Test
      22016-03-15 11:11:39Server path 0 set to C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer
      32016-03-15 11:11:39Publisher path 0 set to C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\DistributionService
      42016-03-15 11:11:39QVPR path 0 set to C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\ManagementService\QVPR
      52016-03-15 11:11:46No incremental Events records found so no incremental update necessary.
      62016-03-15 11:11:46No incremental Performance records found so no incremental update necessary.
      72016-03-15 11:11:46No incremental Audit records found so no incremental update necessary.
      82016-03-15 11:11:46No incremental Sessions records found so no incremental update necessary.
      92016-03-15 11:11:48No Tasks incremental logs found.
      102016-03-15 11:12:02"1 errors encountered during this reload: Table Not Found


      112016-03-15 11:12:02On this fine day 15 of Mar 2016, after 00:00:23 the original Qlik-supported load script has been reloaded. Enjoy the Governance Dashboard 2.0.1!


      My guess that it has something to do with row 9. "No Task incremental logs found".


      I get these files when running the GD2.0.1. (The DF_Script_for_GD.qvs is a QDF-file which is not used)