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    UNC Path no longer working on Qliksense Scheduler

    Ziad Mohammad


      This is Qliksense server related question@ !


      I have 3 apps scheduled to do data extraction on Qliksense serve scheduler and of sudden these apps failed to load with the error message that UNC path is not supported use Lib Path instead in this SCRIPT MODE


      2016-03-17 22:00:39 0130   STORE  Semaphore into "\\MyserverPath\Data Lake\iPower Staff iTime Data Restricted T1\Source\iTime Daily\JOB WRITING.txt" (txt)


      2016-03-17 22:00:39        Error: STORE statement only works with lib:// paths in this script mode

      2016-03-17 22:00:39        General Script Error

      2016-03-17 22:00:39        Execution Failed

      2016-03-17 22:00:39        Execution finished.


      Appreciate your feed back how script mode can be changed to support the UNC path insrtead.