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    NPrinting 17 or 16

      I'm new with NPrinting. I've installed version 17. But I cannot find much help and guidance for this version. At the same time there are some good resources and videos for previous version. I'm developing reports with version 17 with this new Web interface by mapping steps from version 16 tutorials and Qlik help guides. But there are some missing functionalities and bugs like, missing version control, memory leakage and it's not supporting Section Access so far. This is what I'm facing so far.


      I'm thinking, is it better to stay with version 17 doing workarounds for the issues and update latter? Or downgrade now to version 16 and migrate reports to version 17 when it will be less buggy?


      I don't see much option for migration between the versions. I don't know maybe it is not possible at all.


      So, I would appreciate to hear some opinions from knowledgable NPrinting guys.


      Thanks in advance,