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      i hope somebody of you can help me.

      I have a very tough Topic with year-to-date figures that I cannot solve.

      I tried lots of things but nothing worked.


      Here is my table:

      I have an asset, which Shows me depreciation-period (column2), period in which the depreciation belongs (column3) and the depreciation-code (column4).

      Now I Need to create for Management an Overview where I get the periodic value (this works ),

      the cumulated YTD-Value and the cumulated value of all time.

      (the sum-lines are just now included for better overwiew)




      YTD sum (value) per 2015/2 should be 9,22 and as of 2015/12 it should be 55,29

      YTD sum (value) per 2016/1 should be 4,61 and as of 2016/2 it should be 9,22

      Now, the cumulated of all time is for 2015-periods like YTD sum(value)

      2016/1 should have 59,90 and as of 2016/2 the should be 64,51.


      This is the outcome that I wish to have:


      I know that this is a tough Topic, there I attach the qvw.


      Very much thanks in advance for your very urgently needed help