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    Named Cal License - Access Rights

    Sathish G

      Hi All

      In QlikView Server totally 5 QlikView Application.

      i AM USING QlikView SERVER 9 SR3. 10 USER CAL LIC and 30 Doc Cal lic

      I assigned 3 named users for 3 different users in 3 Application.

      now my problem is 3 named users have rights to c 3 application. but i need to avoid this.(without section Access)

      Looking forward ur reply.



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          Martin FAVIER


          You have to confirgure your access rights for each QV app or folder with NTFS security.

          In windows, right click on your app.qvw, security tab, and you have to manage rights.

          • Named Cal License - Access Rights
            Sathish G

            Hi Martin,

            Thanks for ur reply. But I did that its not working.

            How i configure means,

            I put seperate folder for each application.

            in root folder i ll give full rights for QvAdmin and rest folder i ll give folder permission for particular users.

            but still every named cal users can acess the all application..

            any thing i missed


              • Named Cal License - Access Rights

                Are you using NTFS security in the QV server?

                If yes, then something with your permissions is probably wrong, you can check this by right clicking on an app folder, going to properties and and do a check on effective permissions of each user. In general a user can only see a document on the accesspoint if he has physical access to the file.