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    Loading date fields from string values

    Roland Raijmakers

      I've got a question on formating while loading date fields from a source.


      Mij date fields has the format "2016-04-07T17:41:01Z"

      For this date to be imported as a date field I use 2 replace functions to get rid of the T and Z sign.


      In the next step I use Date#( to convert it to a datefield and with Date( I format it.


      This looks like this and works

      Date(Date#(Replace(Replace(DATEFIELD,  'T',' '),'Z',''), 'YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss'), 'DD-MM-YYYY')              as DATEFIELD


      My question;  has anyone a sollution to make this statement simpler / more elegant.


      Roland Raijmakers