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    Reloading document through macro

      I have a model with a macro (which is run via a button).

      The macro reloads he model, then extracts a straight table to a bunch of excel files, then reloads again.

      My problem is that when I tried to make it available to the user through publisher, the macro doesn't reload or extract when I click on the button. Now I heard that reloading a model through publisher is not possible by the user.

      Is there a way that I can make this possible? Or if someone can give me an alternate way to make this model available to the user.

        • Reloading document through macro

          Hi leroux,

          I had the same problem a few weeks ago.
          Sadly, there is no way that you can reload such a model through publisher.

          I solved my problem (exporting a table from a QlikView Document to Excel and sending it to an User via Email) with a VBScript, so I can execute the script via External Task.

          But your problem (distribution it through publisher) doesn't work at this time. Maybe QlikTech will bring up a solution in the near future.

          • Reloading document through macro

            I am currently running this model from my local machine. The reload takes about 35 seconds each time.

            I tried copying the model and data to the server and opening the model on my local machine directly from where it's saved on the server. When I did this the reload time went up to about 1min 30 sec.

            This way would've been convenient, but this reload time is too long, since the macro reloads twice and the macro is run about 20 times a day.

            Any other suggestions anyone?

              • Reloading document through macro

                Hi leroux,

                I was finding a solution for this problem couple of weeks ago.. but I didn't get a solution from the forum..

                How I solved that problem is...

                I installed Qlikview personal edition in Server and used a batch file to reload that application which is using the macro...

                I used personal edition because , it is not fair to use 1 CAL in the server...

                Try like that!!



              • Reloading document through macro

                I've been searching the forums and it seems it might be possible for the user to reload the model via an EDX task. Well, that is if I understand it correctly.

                Can anyone shed light on this? I want to make this available via Access Point.