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    No connection issue - QlikSense Hub

    AC BC

      Hello All,


      Today something new to me.


      I have a AWS instance given and was asked to install the QlikSense server. I installed the needed but when trying to hit the Hub shortcut created on desktop , the browser is opening and showing an error, No connection .....


      I tried to resolve it by my self but couldn't, is there some thing that I have to do special when installing Sense in AWS.



      But When I say local\hub the Qliksense hub is opening.

      one more issue I am not able to connect to my remote Database from the hub, which I was able to do from the Qliksense Desktop, which is in my local.


      Any help on the settings or something.

      My machine is Windows Server 2012

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          AC BC

          Finally got it myself.


          This is what I have done.

          1. Added "user directory connector" as local and given my present user credentials there

          2. Added the "whitelist" under virtual proxies


            1. Public IP

            2. Private IP

            3. Machine Name


          Thats all

          Kiran Kumar