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    IE7 Problem with page - Qlikview V9 SR5

      Hi All,

      We have recently upgraded from V8.2 to V9 SR5, and for the most part the upgrade has run smoothly. I have received an issue from one of our users who gave me the following screenshot. This is showing when they try and load any dashboard.

      error loading image

      If they user clicks OK then it just shows a blank screen.

      At this stage I am light on the details, hoping to get hold of the user soon to try and step through the issue on their laptop. I am hoping that someone might have seen this before and point me in the right direction. We have a number of users, and this is the first one to report this problem. Checking the logs they have never been able to log on since the V9 upgrade, however they were a regular user in 8.2.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated.

        • IE7 Problem with page - Qlikview V9 SR5

          Hi All,

          Recently a user has discovered the IE7 setting that causes the problem mentioned above. While in most cases the users do not require this setting, some of the users need that setting enabled to run a web application with one of our key customers.

          The setting is the "Allow active content to run in files on My Computer":

          I have only found a single reference to this setting in this post by RobbieS, however there is no futher discussion on the topic.

          Does anyone know if it is possible to run the Qlikview Plugin with that option selected?

            • IE7 Problem with page - Qlikview V9 SR5

              I received the following reply from our Qlikview vendor regarding this issue:


              I have received feedback from QlikTech regarding your issue. They have been able to replicate the problem with IE7 when running SR5 of the IE plugin, however it works fine with IE7 when they tested it on SR6 (latest version). Finally, both SR5 and SR6 work fine with IE8.


              Unfortunately, it seems like you would need to upgrade to SR6 in order to solve this problem. I that is the way to go, I would strongly suggest that you try this out on a test box to see if this solves the problem on your own environment before embarking on the upgrade.

              I have not been able to verify this however, as we are not in a position to carry out either upgrade (SR6 or IE8) at this stage.

            • IE7 Problem with page - Qlikview V9 SR5
              Sunil jain

              pls upgrade IE7 to IE8 . it will resolve this issue.

              • IE7 Problem with page - Qlikview V9 SR5

                I am also facing the same issue and its not just with SR5 but also with SR7. Is there something wrong in IE7. Because the same works fine in IE8 and Firefox 3.6+. Is there any solution to this problem other than having to move to IE8??