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    Licence issue with our QV test and production environments.



      After upgrading our QV server environment from 11.2 to 12.0, we have come across the following issue; our production server licenses are now conflicting with our test server licenses.


      Somehow our test environment is using all our production licenses so we have had to stop all the services in test to get the production licenses working again. This has partially resolved the issue with the document licenses but we are unable to get back the named licenses. It is as if they had been locked by our test server. When we check the LEF information everything looks correct but when I look at the CALs tab, it says there are 0 CALs in license (please see file attached).








      Can anyone please suggest what may have gone wrong or what we can check next?

      Thanks in advance

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          Peter Cammaert

          Production and test server licenses are separate licenses, each with their own CAL allowances and settings. They can't interfere as they don't depend on each other. Except if you're not using a test server license but a copy of your production license. Check if the license serials (first line of the LEF) are different.



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            Hi Peter,


            Thanks for your respondse. Actually that´s the issue, the license serials are the same in the production and development servers. I do not really understand why everything was working OK before, but then after the QV upgrade all the licenses are messed up.


            As a temporal solution, I was hoping that after stopping all the services in test, production would get back all the licenses but this has not been the case of the named licenses, only document licenses are now working correctly.

            Any help would be very appreciated.



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                I have just noticed something, we have different Server license serials for production and test but the same Publisher license serials for both servers. This is probably what is causing the issue, though it was working OK before the upgrade!

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                    Peter Cammaert

                    The situation is getting complex. I don't know what is installed at the moment, so I'll give you my view on what can and what cannot work.


                    If you have two different server licenses, then that should work both before and after the upgrade. there is no reason why any CALs should have disappeared or been messed up. If you have a backup of the CalData.pgo file of both platforms, you may be able to restore those missing CALs. (Note that on a Test server, you can assign the same set of Named CALs but you cannot lease them out.) However, having two different license keys tells us nothing about what has been installed in reality. Were the two licenses actually installed, each on a different platforms, or were both platforms actually running under a single license number and was the second one locked up in a drawer?


                    Whether the publisher license can be used on two platforms depends on when it was bought. Before a certain date, there were no test publisher licenses and you could obtain a single publisher license that could be used both on a platform with a full Server license and at the same time on a platform with a Test server license. The two Publishers can be active at the same time without any problems. After that certain date, when buying new licenses you are forced to buy a Publisher for the full server and a separate Test Publisher license ffor the Test server.


                    I don't know whether the single Publisher-for-both-a-full-server-and-a-test-server license still applies to a QV12 set-up though. You should talk to your QV partner to know for sure.