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    Print report issue perfomance with ajax


      We have set the printing of a QlikView report in our layout through a buton with the action 'Print report'.

      We're facing of a big performance issue when prinitng report using the action  in ajax mode. I've tested with chrome and in a web View, same result, but it works very well with the IE plugin.

      The app is not very large 200 Mo when distributed by store.

      Could this be related the data model which is a snow flake schema with 3 or 4 level

      Thank you for your help.

      QlikView 11.2.

      Best regards,

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          Gerardo García



          Try these recomendations:


          In IE configuration add the url of the access point in the Trusted sites, remember if you don't have https you will must unselect the  captcha "require server verification (https)"

          Turn off the firewall of windows, try in your server and in your personal computer.

          Try changing the configuration on the QMC (QlikView web servers)->QMC->system->setup->Qlikview web servers->access point->access point settings->Full browser and small version device.


          What type of error show you when you try to print?


          2016-05-06 09_29_46-QlikView Management Console - Internet Explorer.png