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    Corrupted .Shared files


      Hi all,

      I've been having some problems with the documents that contains shared objects.

      I still don't know why happens the next :

      - When I open QlikView Eterprise console and I go to the sheet 'Documents', I have difficulties to open the settings assigned to some documents

      I can open quite fast all the documents that don't have shared objects, but only some of the docs with shared objects are very difficult to open from the server console.

      If I destroy the .shared file then I can open it. So my conclusion is those .shared files are corrupted.


      So, does anyone knows how can I recover a correct version of those .shared? Or in which context is possible to corrupt those .shared?






        • Corrupted .Shared files

          We had a lot of problems with shared files. Ex documents were created in QlikView version 8, migrated to verison 9. Some problems were related to the creator of the shared object left company, so the account was no longer in Active Directory. Or somebody created bookmark BM123, deleted it, somebody else created later new bookmark that got same ID and got lost again.

          Most problems were solved in QV9 SR6. But .shared files are a big pain, especially because there is no visibility inside