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    Sharing Bookmarks in Qlik Sense

    Scott Booth

      Is it possible to share a bookmark in Qlik Sense with other users?  I've tried creating a bookmark and sending the URL to other users.  It opens the sheet but not with my filters.  Ideas?

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          Stephen Egerton

          We're seeing the same issue. When I look in the database at user bookmarks in sheets that have been shared to the community, they're showing as Published boolean=false, Approved boolean=false and deleted boolean = true... But the user still sees the Bookmark so it's not deleted. Bug?

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            Bella Mae

            The best way to share bookmarked sheets is through embedding the sheet in a story, but there is no way to share a bookmark in the base product.  There may be an extension but we don't use extensions where I work so haven't looked into that.

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              I did have the same issue, but I already have the indirect solution for this.


              Go to Hub - Dev hub - Single Configurator - Select an apps that contain a bookmark you want to share -

              Select any object/sheet below of the apps name - (go to right of windows) select a bookmark - Uncheck "Set clear selection" above of bookmark - Check "Show selections bar"


              And for security issue and flexibility, you could go to "General" tab (above of "Selection" tab) and uncheck "Disable Interaction".


              Now... focus on middle window. Select the text within URL box, copy it (Ctrl-C) and paste to the email you want to send to other user.

              The other user will be able to open it and after pass the authentication, he/she will have Data Selection as yours.


              Hope this will help you.

              I am sorry I cannot give you a video tutorial because I have a very bad english.

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                Scott Booth

                Not sure if the community already knows this, but wanted to share anyways.  We discovered that if you create bookmarks prior to publishing your app, the bookmark is published too.  It doesn't solve the issue of empowering your users to create/share bookmarks themselves, but we've found this helpful that at least someone can make public bookmarks.  We tell our users to send us the bookmark and we'll include it in the next release of our app.