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    Pivot Table and After Function

    Alec Harf

      hi All,


      I have been discussing a challenging request on the QlikView Side. Now I need to do the same thing in Sense.


      Attached is a QlikView and a QlikSense Document and both of them have the same pivot table. on QlikView the logic works fine but on Sense it doesnt.


      my request is as follow


      the source is the upper table which looks like


      5/18/2016test$ 254.00
      6/15/2016test$        200.00
      7/20/2016test$        500.00

      $        300.00

      and the result table is as follow



      5/18/2016$      (54.00)$        246.00$     46.00
      6/15/2016$        300.00$   100.00
      7/20/2016$ (200.00)


      Let me know if anyone knows how to handle it in Sense..