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    Joining Multiple Cross Tables Including Images as a data point

    Blake Bromley

      I have a table which looks like the following...


      Audit_IDInspectorObservation A ScoreObservation A CommentObservation A PhotoObservation B ScoreObservation B CommentObservation B PhotoObservation C ScoreObservation C CommentObservation C Photo
      1001John DoePassGood Job(Image)FailLack of Training(Null)Pass(Null)(Null)


      In this format every audit represents on record. I would like to create a field specific to the observation type, then create a field with the score, comment, then photo. Essentially, creating 3 records for this audit or as below...


      1001John DoeAPassGood Job(Image)
      1001John DoeBFailLack of Training(Null)
      1001John DoeCPass(Null)(Null)


      As a side note, this table has over 70 different observations, not just the 3 used in the example.


      I would assume the correct path is to create 3 cross tables, one for the Score, Comment and the Photo. I need help with the syntax to join all three cross tables. Then recognize the image with the Bundle Info command. I have used Re: How to show the bit photo in the QlikView as a reference on "how to" for loading images, but still not sure if its working with the cross tables.


      Thanks to all in advance for the help!