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    position of footnote..?

    payal pg

      Hi Qlik Community,

      I have a requirement like there is a straight table and there is list box.Here depending upon the list box selection straight table information will vary along with that for few selection in list box a text objects should display as the footnote at the bottom of the straight table, no matter the size of the data in the straight table it should display at the bottom of the table. for few list box selections straight table size is large for few size of the data is medium,but footnote will display at the bottom of the chart .please if any ideas please share here.





      Thank you

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          Marcus Sommer

          There is no way within qlikview to size or position an object on a sheet. As workaround you could create some textboxes and position them manually below your straight table and control with a visibility-condition on the number of dimension-values in your table - per: count(distinct Dim1&Dim2&Dim3) - which textbox will be displayed.


          - Marcus

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            kushal chawda

            Instead of bottom, place that object on Top. I don't think there will be much difference, instead on top you can quickly see that result as compared to bottom. Also you don't need to create extra textbox and show hide condition in the case of top

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              Avinash R

              As per my knowledge we don't have any option in Qlikview(except the macro) to handle this ...you can fix a static height for the straight table , .Go to Properties >Layout > un-check the Size to data option

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                payal pg

                Hi folks,

                Thanks for your quick reply's. I couldn't do it as title of the chart as the foot note is not applicable for all the list box selections, so i need to go through the text object only and my requirement demands footnote should be at the bottom of the table not at top.any way thanks for all of your reply's.



                Thanks you