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    Disable Prompt to install add-on 'QlikView Analyzer for Internet Explorer'

    B Nichol

      Users are being prompted to install qlikview analyzer each time they open an application on the QlikView Server using the IE Plug-in.

      error loading image

      Is there a way to eliminate this prompt?

      System Info:
      Server - QVS v9 SR6 on a Windows 2008 server
      Client - Internet Explorer 8 with IE Plug-in v9 SR6.

      Any assistance would be appreciated,


        • Disable Prompt to install add-on 'QlikView Analyzer for Internet Explorer'
          Bjorn Wedbratt

          Hi B,
          Did you by any chance rename opendoc.htm in /QvPlugin to utilize opendoc_fix.htm? Opendoc_fix.htm will launch the plugin using a CLSID-tag and if the CLSID of the installed plugin on the client is different compared to what's in the current opendoc.js file in /QvPlugin, you will get prompted to install the "correct" plugin, matching the CLSID.

          If you know that you didn't do any changes to opendoc.htm / opendoc_fix.htm (either after installation or previously if this is an upgrade) most likely security settings in IE might prevent the plugin to load/initialize properly. Check your settings for the current zone in IE, especially settings like "Only allow approved domains to use ActiveX without prompt" and "Allow previously unused ActiveX controls to run without prompt".