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    QlikSense - sheet specific filtering

    Jon Morrison

      In my app I'd like to be able to have the user select his/her parameters based on years on sheet 1 and have the information presented for the current month on sheet 2.  I'd also like to give the user the ability to chose (filter) for a different month on sheet 2.

      There may be additional parameters that could vary between sheet 1 and sheet 2 as users perform data exploration.


      I know this is basic (or think it should be) - but after a day plus of looking - figure I'm wasting more energy than just asking.


      Apologies as I'm new to Sense and Qlik.  I tried searching for a simple answers.

      I found information on how this might be accomplished with Sets - but my next question would be how to change the parameters so the user him/herself could change the period used in the set parameters.

      I found information that might work using load scripting - but again was trying to keep it simple and flexible in case additional questions arose when interrogating the data

      I found several QlikView specific answers which don't seem applicable to Sense.

      Tried to find the right video to watch with the easy answer - no joy (yet).


      I know I've seen something that had how to make this work, but can't seem to re-locate it.


      I'm using Qlik Sense Desktop at this time.

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          Chandrasheker Gompa

          HI Jon,


          If I understood you requirement correctly you want your user to choose Year and/Or Month and other information from the first sheet and when they go to the next sheet the selections should be there and if you want you should be able to change it.. So all these things can be done. I am attaching a sample app.. Please have a look and come back with any specific questions you have..



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            Gabor Tarnoczai

            Hi Jon,


            As far as I get it, you have two solutions:

            • Smash your data model into pieces, eg.: The filter connected to data model, filtering the same column, will be filtered every associated dimension/measure. If you create an underlying table for sheet 1 and an other to sheet 2 (same data, but different columnname), the filters won't affect each other.
            • There is an extension at Qlik Branch , associated to sheet navigaton, and with it possible to define trigger, when press the button e.g. clear filters. If it setted, all selection will be cleared.


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              Jon Morrison

              Thanks Chandrasheker and Undergrinder.


              I don't want the selections on Sheet 1 to carry through to Sheet 2.  Nor do I want to blow away all the filtered selections and have to re-select from ground 0.

              So if on S1 the user has selected 2015 and 2016, s/he could select May 2014 on sheet 2 and not impact the charts / graphs on sheet 1 and sheet 1s selections not impact Sheet 2.    I even thought that it was possible to isolate a particular graph chart within a single sheet from using the 'global' filtering.

              Loading the same data onto two distinct tables - creative - but is that the only alternative?  Seems like there s/b something 'easier'

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                Jon Morrison



                I also found this based on your reply

                Re: Alternate state, Detach &  Unliking object

                Is 'Detach' a feature available in Sense?  I'm still green so I may have not yet found it - but this was actually what I thought I was looking to do- now I'm thinking Alternate (Altered ) States is more likely what I need.

                Many thanks