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    SET analysis? allowing only selection in ONE field (company) to effect the chrt


      hi there,

      i did a little research before i posted this question but couldnt find an answer.

      im sure it is becouse i missed it and not becouse it doesnt exists:) but anyway i need your help

      i want to (i think) use set analysis to allow only selection made in one field(company) to effect the chart

      so if the user selects a country or customer it wouldnt change the chart 's data but if he selects 2008 then he will see all sales per that year


      i already know(well its simple lol) how to get the opposite, that is: to allow selection in ALL field and lock (or partialy lock) the selection in only ONE field.

      might this be part of the solution?

      plz plz help

      Mansyno (aka wizardo)