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    Unable to reload with QV 9 Publisher using Oracle 64 bit Client

      I develop QVWs using windows x86 running window xp professional. I have a 32 bit QLIKVIEW client version 9and 32 bit oracle client version 10 on this desktop. Our Oracle database is also version 10. I can connect to my oracle database using Microsoft OLEDB for oracle on the desktop. On server we have 64 bit QVS and publisher version 9 running on windows x64. The O/S is windows server 2003. We have Oracle 64 bit client version 10 on the server. Our window administrator team could not install 32bit oracle client on this server. The question is I am unable to reload my qvws on this server using the publisher tasks. It is unable to connect to the database. I can connect to the Oracle from the server using ODBC by creating the DSN. I can also connect using sqlplus. Is there any script change I have t do to connect to Oracle 64 bit client to reload using publisher task. Any solutions for this?