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    The question is about 'dynamic images’ in a chart :

      The question is about 'dynamic images' in a chart :


      When I make a chart in Qlikview and I give a url (='http://www.keukenman.nl/images/balk.jpg') in by 'Frame Background' the option 'dynamic image' or a location (='c:\test.jpg') than everything is OK. When I open this document with the http-server from qlikview server (IE-plugin or Ajax zero footprint) than the picture from internet doesn't appear.


      It takes a lot of time before the document is opening. When I open the document only with the chart with the local picture; it opens fast and directly.

      It seems if it is waiting at the picture from internet, what never appears. After a break the document appears but without the image from internet


      We use a proxy-server (outside traffic goes with authentication). I don't know if this creates the problem. I can't find where I can specify the username and password.


      How can I create aimage in the browserversion?