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    How many times did a user used a document




      I'm looking for a way to see how many times a user has used a document. I didn't see this option available on the software there is on our server. So I'm wondering, is it even possible to see this? Because there are some log files on the server, with every use from a document with all the users. But I would like to get to know how many times this is in total per user.



      Thanks in advance.



      Kind regards, Niels

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          Onno van Knotsenburg

          I think the information you would be looking for can be found in the session log.

          I don't have access to a QlikView server, so I can't check for you where you would be able to find it.

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            beck bakytbek

            Hello Sdy,


            Onno van Knotsenburg has right, you can see that on the base of log-file, but for this you should make any selecktion in QMC > Documents > User Documents > Server > Performance > and finaly select Enabale Audit Logging





            I hope that helps you




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              I already took a look at those application logs and yes, that's close to what I need but there is a audit log file for each day and with tons of loggins. It's not possible to count those manually who logged in how many times each day.


              I took  also a look at the suggested tool Document Analyzer, I took a look what it provided exactly, this is what's on the website:


              Version 2.8, Apr 11, 2016

              This tool is used to analyze the structure of a qvw. The analysis focuses on what fields are used and where. This information can be to used to tune the performance of a Document or investigate the impact of data changes.
              Changes for version 2.8
              • Added “Missing Field” (missing Dimension) Recommendation.
              • Fixed link between variable and objects that use them.
              • Corrected issue with hidden fields sometimes not being detected as Key Fields.
              • Warning on Tables sheet when API reports zero tables for a field.
              • Using a lighter icon for the “open” links and added links on Summary sheet.
              • When memstats reports non-numeric value for Field Size, it will be treated as zero.
              • Added “Expression Uses Variable” field on Expressions sheet.
                Added timestamps to Extract log lines.



              When I look at the screenshots, it's not really clear if it's even possible to get an overview from all users who logged how many times in on a document.


              Does someone got other suggestions please? Or can confirm Document Analyzer has this option?


              Kind regards, Niels