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    How can I reference the values from Dimensions in set analysis?

      Hi all,


      I was hoping to tap into your knowledge for help with this issue I'm having.


      What I'm trying to do is with set analysis measure the decline in user activity, using a log of transactions.

      The logic is that any user that completed a transaction last month and hasn't done any this month should be counted against the month they're missing from.


      To help, I've created a field called "LapseTransactionMonth". This field is the transaction created month forward-dated by 1 month.


      So, the basic code would be:


      //All users with transactions in the previous month

      Count({<LapseTransactionMonth = {"=CurrentMonth"}>} Distinct UserID) -

      //Subtract subset of users with transactions this month

      Count({<LapseTransactionMonth = {"=CurrentMonth"}, TransactionMonth = {"=(CurrentMonth)"} >} Distinct UserID)


      Note, CurrentMonth is meant to signify the month dimension on the visualisation; so if there are 7 months worth of data, this formula should be applied to each of them.


      Sofar, I've not been able to crack this.


      Thank you for your help.