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    Qlik Sense Enhancement Requests

    Jon Morrison

      Need a friendly reminder where to go to log/request/comment on enhancement ideas/thoughts.


      My request -  as I am under the impression that QS3.0 and earlier do not support this -

      Allow for pre-selected filtering as users open apps.

      I have some fields where >90% of the time all users will be filtering the same.  However, there will be times where the other field values will need to be available for selection or inclusion so excluding everything else on load does not seem appropriate.


      Somehow I have an app that got 'stuck' and the field is actually pre-filtering on a particular field.  I can't figure out how that was able to happen, nor can I get it to not pre-filter on this field.  I can't get any other field to be pre-selected on app opening either.


      Short and sweet - allow one or more fields to be pre-filtered so that as users open the app the visualizations already reflect this.  But allow for the users to save their own selections so that when they open they don't have to re-select each time.