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    Text Format, Color in Dimension of Chart



      I want to personalize the Text Format in the Dimension of a  chart under a condition:


      If a element in the Dimension contain the word '(not active)' then I want to have this text with the function (strikethrough): ABCD (not active). In the same time I want to have this element with another Text Color.


      I have already tried a few solutions but it doesn't work:


      Dimensions ---> Text Format ---> Edit Expression:        =if([Dimension Noun]='XYZ (not active)', chr(822) & 'XYZ (not active)' & chr(822), 'XYZ (not active)')

      Dimensions ---> Text Color ---> Edit Expression:       =if([Dimension Noun]='XYZ (not active)', RGB(195,195,195), RGB(0,0,0))


      Thanks in advance