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    Error while configuring Qlikview Ipad app



      I have a Qlikview IIS based installation. i'm trying to connect to my access point through Qlik IPad app but i encounter an error 'Error Accessing the server'


      I configured the access point as http://serverIp/


      Note: from the same IPad , i can access the access point from the Safari browser.


      would really appreciate any help.




      Thank you


        • Re: Error while configuring Qlikview Ipad app

          below steps resolved the issue




          • 1- Go to IIS manager
            2- Go to Default Web site( or where ever you implement the Qlikview apps folders)
            3- Select QvAjaxZfc
            4- Open “ Authentication” feature.
            5- Have both Anonymous and Windows Authentication = Enable.
            6- On the bottom, go to “content view”
            7- Find the “authenticate.aspx” and right click on it and select “switch to feature view”
            8- On feature view for the Authentication.aspx, select / open Authentication
            9- Disable “anonymous authentication” and just leave enable “ Windows Authentication”
            10- Do a IIS reset and try again with the Ipad.