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    Data migration, data filtering from different tables



      I hope someone of you can help me.

      I have an asset Register, that Shows all lines and figures correctly.

      But the Problem is that this Register has thousands of lines with the value 0,00. That are assets that past away years ago.


      The issue is, that I want to see the asset Register like today but the lines (assets) that left the Company should not be shown anymore.

      It should be shown all active assets and all disposed assets from this year and last year

      (dont Show assets = 'sold', when last txnyear is < $((Jahr)-1).


      And a massive Problem that I only have the field txnyear for all transaction-entries including disposals but no disposaldate-field itself.



      (With this filtering I have all neccessary Information for a correct asset Register)


      How can I achieve that within the Dimension?

      I thought maybe of aggr-function, but I dont know how to realise this.


      Very much thanks in advance.