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    QlikView Real Time Server

    Sergio Martin Alvarez

      Hi to all, i need some information about this functionality of the server (server, licences needed, versions, etc...) where can i find it. I was looking fot it on the qlikview web but, i can´t find some specific information.

      Thanks in advance to all!!


        • QlikView Real Time Server
          Mohammed Ashfaq Ali


          for real time server you need to have Enterprise Addition of qlikview server + additional License to support Real time feature.

          With real time capability you can update data without reloading compleate application from server.

          For more details about licensing

          Please contact your Sales Manager

          Hope that helps.



            • QlikView Real Time Server
              Sergio Martin Alvarez

              Thanks ASHFAQ, that helps a lot, and what about the performance of this feature?? Any experience with it?? And, for example, the dynamic update it's triggered only from macros or the publisher/server can be configured to reload one table only??

              I ask for performance because, some time ago i went to the presentation of QV9.0 in my country...and they showed this tool with a simple excel file and it looks really slow...i think maybe thats for the hardware of the demostration or the configuration...but it left me a lot of questions...

              I also read that in versions like QV9.0 SR3 and earlier it doesn´t work well...i ask this because actually in the company where i am we use QV9.0 SR3...

              And what about this in QV10?? Any experience??

              Sorry for the questions but i want to know real experiences with this tool...before asking the sales manager for this.

              Thanks again!