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    Error PGO: Failed to open

    Arunesh Gupta


      We are having QVS clustering and maintaing root and mounted folder in common shared server.

      we are getting an error in event log "Error PGO: Failed to open \\xvavvvv002\Root\IniData.pgo. Error: 11. Time: 268435456 ms" very frequently.

      Have anyone found this error and what may be reason for this error.

      Thanks in advance.


        • Error PGO: Failed to open
          Sonja Bauernfeind

          On the first glance this error indicated that the QlikView Server is unable to reach the share.

          In detail the "Time" parameter states the amount of time in Milliseconds the operation(s) took before aborting for the error related to the error code. If this number is high (like in this case) and the error code is either 11 or 12, we can draw the conclusion that QVS made as many retries as it could fit within the fixed timeout of 30 seconds.

          Please verify that you are not experiencing network issues during the time when the problem occurs, but be aware that this could have a number of causes. Submit a Support ticket through the right channels if necessary, just make sure you include all necessary details like QVS version details, log files and also let us know what network storage solution you are using (NAS, SAN, whether they are windows based or not, etc).



          QT Support

          • Error PGO: Failed to open

            Hi Arunesh,


            We are having the same issue. Can you please share your experience and your solution.


            We opened a ticket and we don't get any staright answer ...




            • Error PGO: Failed to open
              Anna Katarina Persson

              All,  this was a bug in earlier versions of 9 and 10, the issue is fixed in SR3 of version 10 that was released today. Not sure if we have a SR out fixing the issue in version 9, please let me know if you need a fix for it in version 9 as well and I will see if I can find a patch for you on Monday.

              Regards Katarina

              • Error PGO: Failed to open

                We have the same problem, same event in the windows log (Application log/eventID 131).


                We are using QlikView v9 SR7, which is the latest, with IIS and the files are on a share.


                At the same time we have had access problems to the qvw-file. But we cannot be sure it has to do with this issue.

                Restart seemed at first to solve the problem.

                But since not everyone got access problems during the time the event showed, it cannot be a certainty.


                I will report this to Qlikview support.

                  • Error PGO: Failed to open
                    Giles Westaway

                    In our case, it was as a result of having left the QV services to run as 'Local System'. After amending each service to log on as a local Admin account and then restarting each one, the errors disappeared. I suppose to do with access rights to particular files.

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                    David Norton

                    Strange.  I had this issue on QV11 SR2.  There weren't any significant changes to the server or permissions prior to this series of errors.  It looks like it has self-resolved, but is still troubling that it happened at all.


                    Is anyone continuing to have this issue?

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                        Dmitriy Dorosh


                        We still have this error message. Also on QV11 SR2.

                        All event logs are swamped by this message.

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                            The Error Code 11 points to a sharing Violation, this can be temporary caused for example by a BackUp / AntiVirus or if it occurs all the time by missing Permissions. Check the location for the Root Folder where the PGO are stored. 

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                                Dmitriy Dorosh

                                Daniel, thank for your answer.


                                Is this error code (11) is Qlikview specific error code?

                                Or it's just a windows error code taken from operating system by something like GetLastError?

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                                    Not sure, but mostly the error comes by the Function used (.Net).

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                                        Janusz Twardziak

                                        Hello All,


                                        I'm having the same issue in version 11.20 SR6. In my case this is error code 300. Have a look:


                                        Any idea?


                                        Best regards,


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                                            This error is show for my customer make backup for the foulder QlikTech, in QlikView Server.


                                            Say don´t openned file IniData.pgo:


                                            Cannot open: ([32] The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. ) => not backed up.

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                                                Janusz Twardziak

                                                Hello Paul,


                                                I've raised a ticket with QlikTech and they replied as follows:


                                                "Sharing violation errors with PGO files like this are normally caused by anti-virus scans or back-up software briefly locking the files. The QlikView Server services depend on uninterrupted connection with the PGO file location.

                                                The following is from the QlikView Server reference manual:

                                                Running real-time anti-virus protection on the server degrades the performance of QlikView Server. It is recommended that the user documents, source documents, log directories, and .pgo files are excluded from the anti-virus scanning.


                                                Please verify that any anti-virus software that might access the machines in the QVS cluster have rules setup to exclude the PGO files.


                                                Also, I noticed that the path to the shared QVS Root folder (specified in the QMC > System > Setup > QlikView Server > Folders > Root Folder) uses a hidden path indicated by the '$' sign. It is recommended to use a normal network path (not hidden) for the QVS Root folder."


                                                I'm testing the above now. Will let you know if any of the recommendations helped.


                                                Best regards,


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                                    Alexandru Chirica



                                    I encounter the same error in the event log, each time the QVS is restarted. Did you try to manually copy the IniData.PGO? I did that and this is what showed up: "The action can't be completed because the file is open in Werfault.exe". Wer is the Windows Error Reporting Service, QVS should be excluded from WER.


                                    Best regards,