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    Idevio Maps for QlikView

    Patric Nordström


      We want to share a new extension, Idevio Maps for QlikView. Here's a screenshot:




      In short, the pros:


      • Fast map with dynamic zoom and pan.
      • Client side rendering, handles thousands of objects with ease.
      • Plug and play, easy to setup and configure.
      • Extendable, the extension serves as a starting point.
      • World coverage, street level in many areas.




      For those who are keen on tech details:-) the extension is connected to our web-based map engine Idevio WebMap. Maps are streamed from our server. Two dimensions with longitude and latitude coordinates WGS84 are required. Objects can be shown as bubble, pie or bar diagrams or an arbitrary url image. The size of and color are controlled via dimensions, normalized based on max and min in the selection. Web Map has a javascript interface with a dual implementation: if java is present on the client, maps are rendered on the client, otherwise the maps are shown as server side rendered images.

      We, Idevio, specialize in hi-performance map engines for defense and industry, and we're happy to find a great match for our engine in QlikView! We are based in Göteborg, Sweden, and since 2002 we supply map engines for web, mobile and embedded devices to esteemed clients such as Ericsson, Logica, Saab, Schenker, Thales and G4S.

      Contact me if you want to try the extension. We can also with other map services: address matching, routing, geofencing, map matching, map data sourcing and distribution. There's a web-based demo of the extension at www.idevio.com/demo, log on with username: demo, password: demo. Would be great to hear your feedback!


      Patric Nordström, Idevio

      +46 31 779 09 60